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Effortless, Weight-loss Is Not

“Losing weight and getting in shape aren't all that difficult. However, that doesn't mean either endeavor is effortless.”

Earlier on today, I wrote the above quote on social media, and on my blog. I received two messages that compelled me to elaborate, and please realize that what I am saying pertains to those without an underlying medical, physiological or endocrine condition.

What I was trying to convey, and I am embarrassed because those messages led me to realize I did not clearly make my point, that serious work is involved in attaining our goals. The first sentence was a statement that both losing weight and getting in shape have a basic mechanism to them, what was unsaid, is the mechanism is consistency. However, the second sentence was the one written to clarify the point and emphasize that it was not necessarily “easy,” because we must but forth effort.

It was never my intention to imply that losing weight is easy, because honestly whether weight loss or getting in shape is easy or difficult is individualistic. For me, once I get rolling, losing weight is not all that difficult. However, the inverse is also true, in that once I get rolling in the other direction, gaining weight is amazingly easy as well. What is also true, is that weather getting in or out of shape, gaining or losing weight, I am making an effort. If you think eating two or three pizza pies, followed by a gallon of ice-cream doesn’t take any effort to consume, well let me tell you – I used to break quite the sweat over eating those mass quantities of food. And when I am losing weight, getting in shape, and maintaining my fitness level, I put in just as much effort. If you ever read my book on weight loss and fitness, “Obesity Undone,” the workout I was doing is outlined and with no false-humility – it was grueling. It is much different than the workout I do today, and I am planning to write a post about how I modified my workout routine because of COVID-19 keeping me out of the gym, but my current workout, in a different way, is also grueling.

One of the factors that I view as especially important to losing weight, getting fit, and/or maintaining a fit state, is the importance of mental energy in our endeavor. I will never claim that losing weight, or getting in shape, is easy, as I said earlier that is individualistic, however, I will stand by what I wrote in my book, what I have said in more than one hundred interviews, and what I've written in other places; It is important we tell ourselves that it is easy. Whether that is the truth or not, is irrelevant! We must train our brains to view this as an easy endeavor. Because if we tell ourselves that it is difficult, that it is hard, that it is not possible – then it will be difficult, it will be hard, and it will not be possible.

And trust me, I also understand that obesity is an ongoing war. Victory is never certain and not always sustained. Some battles I've won, some battles the bastard has won.

I sincerely hope this clears up any misperception or misconception anyone may have had. I am deeply honored, and humbled, when I am told that I inspire someone. I never want to make anyone feel that their difficulties are not genuine, because I know and understand that they are. And, if you are having difficulty, know that you are not alone.

Love, respect and gratitude to each and every one of you. Joe


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