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Being A Veteran

As Veterans Day approaches, I get a bit somber. I reflect on those with whom I served, those who I never met, and of those who, either by combat, accident or their own hand, never made it to be called "Veteran."

Whether combat or not, PTSD is common among all who wore their country's uniform. It comes in many forms, from the horrors of war to survivor's guilt to having our individuality broken, breaking each down from the "I" to the "Us/We" --- none escape military service without some form of damage. As I wrote in "War Springs Eternal," "The touched and untouched will carry scars; some on the outside --- all on the inside."

I wrote "War Springs Eternal" to give those who did not have the honor of experiencing service a glimpse into a state of mind they will never understand.

Joe Leonardi

US Navy 1982 - 1987


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