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Anxiety - Night Terrors

For those of you following my weight loss journey, you know I have been going through some stuff, including an exacerbation of PTSD last year, for which I am under treatment. I haven't gotten into the specifics, although I have mentioned it in the latest edition of Obesity Undone, but in the future I will.

The heavy amounts of snow and thoughts of having to drive, or worse getting stranded, triggered severe anxiety attacks that lasted through the night, causing a rough night of sleep. Woke-up with multiple night terrors. I am unable to run this morning because the roads and walkways are in bad shape, but did some other exercise to try and quell the after-effects. Hands are still a bit shaky right now.


Suicide, school shootings, bullying — In today’s media we hear of people who are damaged, and some broken. I write of those damaged and broken because that is the norm. For everyone one person who overcomes their demons, there are hundreds, if not thousands, who do not — it is their stories I tell.



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