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A Time For Compassion In The ERA Of COVID

As more are afflicted, we still have no national plan in place, no national response, and national leadership is leaving it up to individual states to try and get a handle on this pandemic which continues to grow.

Yet the President and VP keep telling us what a wonderful job they are doing--while defunding testing, not pushing to extend emergency unemployment, and trying to eliminate health coverage for our citizens.

This is not a time to merely look at "numbers." It is time to realize that there is a person, a family, a mother, a father, a brother, a sister -- flesh and blood fellow human beings associated with those statistics. It is not only a time for competence; it is a time for compassion.

If the effort was coordinated across the country; If our leaders would listen to those whom have expertise and experience; If our leaders would show a bit of compassion and understanding; If our leaders would lead by example; Maybe, just maybe, the United States would have a better handle on this crisis.

I wish I could be angry, but I am sad.


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