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Please Let The Story Concerning Bounties Be Wrong!

I posted earlier about this. I just listened to “Good Night Saigon.” I am having such strong emotions of sadness right now that I felt compelled to again write.

I entered the Navy around a decade after the end of the Vietnam War. I served with many who saw combat, lost fellow sailors, were wounded, and lost a part of themselves. I can never forget how our Boot Camp CC, Petty Office First Class Fletcher, when someone said, “Hey we’re just kids,” related how he was on a gun boat and his shipmate, who was standing next to him, had his head blown off while they were returning from patrol. Both were just 18 years old.

I remember whenever this song would come on a radio, or a tape player, those who fought in Vietnam would get so quiet, their eyes would well up, and some would outright be moved to tears. Reluctantly, they would talk of the betrayal they felt, from the government and by many civilians. For those who don’t recall – it was an unpopular war that tore the country apart.

Now, when I hear this song, I am moved to tears, for the words of the song and the memories of those who had such a strong reaction to it.

Right now, I am praying with all of my might that the story which has come out concerning Russia and bounties on our troops and presidential inaction are incomplete or hopefully incorrect.

I don’t care if you love or hate Trump – this needs to be wrong, and if it isn’t.. I don’t even want to consider that possibility.

I never want to see the look I saw in the eyes of those with whom I served when they remembered how they felt betrayed.


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