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An Emotional Toll

To those who know me, perhaps the worst kept secret is that I am an emotional person, and that I am emotionally weak. When stress and anxiety hit, I react with some type of emotional response. In my younger days it may have been a display of temper, at other times, including now, it may be a display of tears and other times it can be a full-fledged panic/anxiety attack, and other times, brooding, sullen solitude.

The thing is, I am okay with it, it is who I am.

My strength has been an ability to bounce back. Sometime it was a quick recovery, other times it may have taken years, before this it I was in a decade long recovery, yet I was recovering, and I was always comfortable in the knowledge that eventually, I would recover.

Truth is, when/if this current situation ends and when/if I am still standing; I’m not so sure if I will recover from the emotional toll. What I am confident in is sadly, that in this uncertainty, I am also not alone.

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