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Not Sure When, Or If, I Will Write Again

I have two novels in the works, actually three, but as of late I am more exhausted than I can recall ever being. I haven’t been to the gym in a bit. I have a great deal of difficulty waking up in the mornings.

I do have a manageable health issue, but perhaps, I have waited too long to take care of it. In a nutshell, I guess what ails me is progressing faster than expected. I’m not doing much except going to work, because no matter what time I get home, I can’t help but fall back to sleep.

I hope I can still fight this, but I’m not sure if I can overcome the exhaustion at this point. I have many stories to tell and was planning to make this year mine, and start earning a living, no matter how small, as an author.

I am not seeking pity or prayers. If I waited too long, that is on me, not on others or any deity. If this progression happens at this pace… well, I am not going to worry about that, if it happens, it happens. One good thing about being former military is we are trained to, and accept our own mortality.

I would like to thank those who have supported my writing endeavors, and ask those who follow me here to please pick up a copy of one of my books. It would be nice to see others enjoy the stories I labored to craft.

If I am able to bounce back, look for the release of two original novels and one novel which will be a reworking of previous stories connected together with a new plot-line. I will be seeking a traditional agent/publisher with these works. As I reflect, I believe I have the talent to succeed, perhaps I have lacked the knowledge to make it happen.

Again thank you,


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