Why Some Look To The Past

As writers and storytellers, we are often too in tune to our emotions and sensitivities. However, it can lead to unique insights….

There was a time I looked forward to each day. There was a time when I was ready. I now know I wasn’t ready. I now know I won’t ever be ready.

The best is behind. The present is torturous. The future is at best mundane.

I will never live as I had in the past. I will never love as I had in the past. I will never experience as I had in the past.

I finally understand why people live in the past – for some, it is the only place where happiness still exists.


“Who am I?”

I am an independent, self-published teller of tales. I am an author of scarcely any renown. However, as a storyteller, I know who I am, and with that persona, I am both confident and comfortable. I invite you to visit my website, ShortStoryScribe.com and/or Amazon Author Page, if you are so inclined, please purchase a copy and leave a review.

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