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Weekly Progress Update {Written}

On a positive note, with today’s “official” weigh-in, the scale reading is 197.8lbs. My starting weight, back on February 26, 2020 was 375lbs, and while I am down 7.2lbs from last week for a total 177.2lbs, I am up a net of 1.7lbs from my low of 196.1lbs.

This week the scale is more adored, yet a tad demonic. But seriously, this has been a good week. I am not going to complain with getting off 7.2lbs of the nearly 9lbs I put on a week ago. Additionally, I had a personal best 5 mile run of 1 hour, 18 minutes and 15 seconds this past Wednesday. And the jeans are a size 36.

To keep making progress, we must keep moving forward.

Yes, setback happen. Yes, it is easy to get down on ourselves. Yes, the battles that make up the war with obesity continue to rage.

The bastard obesity wins some battles, we win others. We must not quit, even when that seems like the best option. Trust me, I understand. As I have said, the last battle the bastard had won, I really thought was the last. A year ago, I was ready to completely give up and succumb to the sloth and gluttony that consumed me.

Over the last year I re-learned two important lessons

  • don’t get discouraged

  • do remain consistent

I even came up with a straightforward formula

  • Give optimal effort, there is the potential to achieve optimal results.

  • Give half-assed effort, more than likely achieve half-assed results.

  • Give zero effort, guaranteed to achieve zero results.

With all that has been going on during this pandemic, we can get lost in what we no longer have, or what we can no longer do. However, it is now that I realize just how grateful I am for what I do have, and for those whom I have in my life. To everyone on social media, my blog, Racquel and Annie at work, my favorite patient and most encouraging fan of my writing Nicole, and my accountability buddy on Facebook Carol, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement. I know for a fact, that during these most difficult times, which have been greatly compounded by other forces, without your positive comments pushing me forward, the results would not be what they are.

Even if others give up on you, or try to drag you down — don’t ever give up on yourself. As the shirt says, “NEVER UNDERESTMATE AN OLD MAN WHO DEFENDED YOUR COUNTRY!”

Be well and safe everyone.

Love and respect to all.

Aloha and Mahalo,



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