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Weekly Progress Update {Written}

On a positive note, with today's “official” weigh-in, the scale reading is 205lbs. My starting weight, back on February 26, 2020 was 375lbs, and while I am down 170lbs total, I am up 8.9 lbs from last week.

I'd like to blame the "demonic" scale, but this is on me.

This has not been a good week. Monday and Tuesday's snowstorm sent me into nights of anxiety attacks. As those of you who have been following me are roughly aware, I have been going through some stuff, including an exacerbation of PTSD last year, for which I am under treatment. I do promise to one day go into details.

Anyway, the heavy amounts of snow and thoughts of having to drive, or worse getting stranded, triggered severe anxiety attacks that lasted through the evenings, causing rough nights of sleep. Woke-up with multiple night terrors. I was unable to run because the roads and walkways were in bad shape and only managed one workout in my makeshift basement training area.

Additionally, I was scheduled for round 2 the Moderna COVID vaccine, on Monday Feb 1st, the snow had my appt moved to Wed the 3rd. I felt great after the shot and the rest of the day. Not even any arm soreness. But.. the next day I woke up achy, headache (couldn't even look at computer screen), some chills (no fever) physically exhausted and weak. I didn't get out of bed for good until sometime after 3pm. Later in the day, had some lingering weakness and fatigue. But the next day, today as I am writing, I was back to my usual and miserable old self. 😂🤣😃 That combination of the early week snowstorm and vaccine side effects, are the reasons I haven't worked out at all this week, and sadly, my eating was a bit off (stress related), but that is okay. I will take the day of physical fatigue and weakness and symptoms and a few pounds of weight gain, for the protection I am hopeful the Moderna vaccine provides. A rough week isn't going to sabotage everything, but I am disappointed that I may have disappointed some of you. Those who have told me that I inspire them. Those who support me. Those who encourage me. From the bottom of my heart I am sorry if I let you down. Today, even though I haven't been good this week, to stay in the routine which is so important for my success, I am having a high carbohydrate meal as usual, this time courtesy of Antonio's Pizza. Decided to go with the Sicilian pizza, and let me tell you something, if you haven't had this Sicilian Pizza, you haven't had the best in the area. Incredible sauce, the right amount of cheese, and a thick, but light and airy, crust that is crisp on the bottom. WOW - this is the pizza God and the angels feast upon every Friday during lent. And, just when you think it can't get any better, they have fresh baked apple pie on the counter. I don't know who made it, but dam, what a phenomenal ending to a fantastic meal. The only thing missing was a heaping scoop of Blue Ribbon's Coffee Ice Cream. I will be back out for my jog tomorrow morning, hitting the weights after and have my eating back on track.

Be well and safe everyone.

Love and respect to all.

Aloha and Mahalo,



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