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Weekly Progress Update {Written}

On a positive note, as of waking this morning, the teller of truth, my sometimes adored

(recently very much adored) and often time hated, scale reports a current loss of 140 pounds.  Last week I mentioned how fickle weight loss can be and the decreases from week to week may not be consistent, well these last 2 weeks were.  A little over 5lbs for last week's reading and again a little over 5 this week. This is a measurable reminder of how important it is  to maintain consistency. That consistency, combined with desire, determination and discipline, plus the incredible support I receive here, over the long run, is what yields results. To everyone on social media, my blog, Racquel and Annie at work, my colleague Doc Malcolm Conway, and my accountability buddy on Facebook, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement. I know for a fact, that during these most difficult times, which have been greatly compounded by other forces, without your positive comments pushing me forward, the results would not be what they are. THANK YOU ALL, SO VERY MUCH!


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