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The Lenten Season Has Ended

I am not an overtly religious person, if anything, I am more spiritual. Yet, to honor my parents’ memory I refrain from meat on Fridays and fast during Lent. Last year I availed myself of Lent to make a renewed effort to re-take control of my health and fitness and wellness, and thus renew myself.

This year, I had nothing to give up, so my Lenten “promise” was to try and not lose my temper. With two minor incidents, I managed to hold my anger, and in the process learned a lot about the silliness and immaturity of displays of that anger. It will be my continued goal and effort to keep that temper in check, to have another renewal.

Additionally, I made an effort to ask for forgiveness of those I may have slighted, hurt or offended over the last several years as I coped with issues of depression and anger and PTSD. And, without being asked, I forgave those who I perceived may have wronged me, whether they realized it or not, with one exception.

Sadly, there is one person's “trespasses” I simply can NOT get beyond. This may be my biggest weakness, but this individual may be the only person my heart feels genuine indifference for and toward. I have meditated and prayed for the strength of character to move past; put these transgressions are too horrific to get past – and for that failure to get past, I am heartily sorry.


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