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How Will You CHOOSE To Respond To Adversity?

After all I have been through life continues throwing me some heavy-duty, Rocky Balboa type, rib-breaking body blows. Compared to many I am blessed, but on occasion — I don’t feel that way. The reality of owning a business in these current economic times can weigh heavy upon one’s psyche. Very real pressure can crush even the strongest and broadest shoulders. Some days, I feel much like I did a few years ago. Similar situations caused apathy, which in turn led to laziness. The result was that my weight ballooned to a ponderous, pachydermian three hundred and seventy-five pounds and my fitness levels plummeted to previously unforeseen depths.

On a morning a few days back, when the alarm clock sounded, for the first time in a long time, I had the desire to unplug the chronograph, roll back over and continue my slumber. Reawakened by my current situation, my inner demons reared their ugly heads.

Visions of carbohydrate crammed foods danced in my head. Pancakes, home fries, doughnuts and waffles for breakfast started bubbling to the forefront of my brain. Later, I could go for a pizza and a nice pot of macaroni. Then, in the evening, maybe a pie and a pint or two of ice cream. Ah yes, the comfort foods would work their soothing magic.