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An Open Letter Apologizing To The Chiropractic Profession

My name is Dr. Joe Leonardi. I am a Chiropractor. For nearly twenty-five years, I have been a proud member of the world’s largest natural healthcare discipline. For much of that time, I lived a dynamic, robust, and energetic life. However, sadly, I have also repeatedly done battle with the bastard obesity, and on occasion, allowed that bastard to claim victory.

As a member of the Chiropractic profession, I hold myself to a high standard.

A standard of which I did not meet. A standard to which I did not rise. A standard of which I fell short.

I allowed myself to, once again, reach an unhealthy state of extreme morbid obesity – this time not simply weighing over three hundred pounds, but knocking on four hundred’s door.

Chiropractic is not about merely treating the injured and infirmed, cracking a few backs, or rubbing sore muscles. It is, at its central core, about the promotion of a healthy mind, body, and yes, spirit – free from the ill effects of abusing drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and yes, food.

In my mind, and in my strong opinion, an important part of being a member of the world’s foremost natural healthcare profession not only requires and demands and necessitates, but unto itself, is a responsibility to live a life which exemplifies optimum health, wellness, and fitness.

As a Chiropractor, it is up to me to be a leader and example. An example of good health, wellness, and fitness. I had failed in being that example.

For my weakness, to my profession, which I have dishonored, I apologize. So as to be a good example of the profession which I respectfully represent, and to the people whom I humbly serve, I will vigorously endeavor to remain healthy, well, and fit.


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