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A Writer Is Who I Am

A life of many decisions, whether made carefully or without thoughtful consideration seem to all be bad. I wake, and realize, really realize; the downside of life is now the present.

The windshield shows less than the rearview mirror. The bumps in the road cause more pain. The journey nears and end.

Missing happiness. Missing the joy of giving love. Missing the feeling of being loved.

Time nears an end and what is there? Time nears an end and I ask; what was the point? Time nears an end and I admit, perhaps there was no point.

There is only one truth. There is only one legacy. There is only one true point.

Who I am is a writer. Who I am is that which I write. Who I am, my entire being, my entire soul – is within my stories. And my stories are all who, and what, I am.


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