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A Slothful and Gluttonous Respite

The week after the Barracuda kicking my sorry ass happened to coincide with my birthday week, so took a brief respite from training and proper eating.

Now that the slothful and gluttonous break is over, I must re-prioritize my life, regain the focus I lost, and look forward to next year’s goal of 5 or more triathlons, including at least 1 Olympic Distance, culminating with the Malibu Triathlon next September. The first step was renewing my USA Triathlon membership.

To each of you who follow me here on my pages and blogs, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement.

And thank you Scott for continuing to inspire us all. Each race I compete and complete will be dedicated to you. You will never realize how you helped give my life purpose after I thought it had none.

However, I still both love and hate you, mostly love, for getting me to embrace this insane sport of triathlon.


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