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Individualism Does NOT Equal Being Selfish

When did American individualism become, “I care only about me not about you — the hell with everyone else?”

Have we forgotten that to fight for individual liberties, the founders came together and sacrificed for one another?

Have we forgotten that during WWI and WWII people from all rungs of the socio-economic ladder sacrificed to protect each other from genuine genocidal tyrants? From everyday people, from rural and urban America, all the way to the likes of Teddy Roosevelt’s son, and the eldest Kennedy child died in those wars.

Contrary to what many are claiming, coming together as a community does NOT equal communism.

America is greatest when individuals act together to protect our fellow human beings; not put each other at risk. Americans throughout history have always recognized, especially at times of great crisis, that individuals must join and become one to form a truly great America.

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