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Bounties On U.S. Armed Forces Members?

When I read the stories reporting that Russia may have put bounties on U.S. Service People serving in Afghanistan and President Trump was aware and turned a blind eye — I wept.

I have a question mark at the end of the title, because I don’t want to believe it. For the sadness and disappointment I have had over the current president’s handling of the pandemic, and his history of derisive comments and lack of concern for those who served, including but not limited to:

  • attacks on John McCain after he himself dodged the draft

  • telling the Joint Chiefs he wouldn’t go to war with them

  • venom spewed toward former generals who were once part of his administration

  • leaving the sailors of the USS Roosevelt sick at sea

  • forcing cadets back to West Point, during a pandemic, for a photo op

I know he does not understand the commitment, loyalty and sacrifice it takes to selflessly serve our country, but I don’t want to believe he allowed my brothers and sisters in arms to be set up to be victims of murder for hire. I don’t want to believe any president could be so callous to the lives of those whom he commands.

Is it possible that the president of the United States, the Commander and Chief of the United States Armed Forces, was aware of something like this, and did nothing?

I pray to God it is not. I am hoping that this is a story in which the information is incomplete.

Though, as I write this, I remember another time when U.S. Forces were political pawns, used by presidents Johnson and Nixon to push a political agenda and not in defense of our country.

My heart breaks and my soul weeps.


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