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I must apologize for not adding much new content lately. Like all of us, the stress of these times impacts each of us, it also does so differently. What was my escape, creative writing, has escaped me. My vivid imagination, the one I used to craft my stories, now keeps me up most nights, and what it conjures, I don’t really want to put into written words.

It was my high school English/Creative Writing teacher who once told me that the curse of a creative mind was increased sensitivity. I have always understood what she meant, but it has become more apparent these last several weeks.

I ask your forgiveness as new content will be delayed, but I will continue to re-post previous posts and even put some of my novellas up for no charge.

On social media, I have been doing a .pdf give away of my latest novella, The Comfort Of Despair, because of all I have written, this story may be an unintended and unforeseen allegory for what many of us are experiencing today. If you would like a copy, simply leave a comment with an email address and I will send one to you as well.

Thank you for understanding, and please stay safe and well.


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