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Am I Alone In Wondering What’s The Point Of Continuing To Live?

Dear readers,

This post isn’t about depression, or suicidal thoughts — I don’t have any.

I am just wondering “out loud.”

Up until about ten years ago, I had a pretty great life. The last five some of the worst. My life before wasn’t perfect, but I enjoyed most days. Then, some bad decisions, some distance between others, some bending of the truth by others, some figurative knives to the back by others, and now my life is mundane and routine — things to which I never aspired, things of which I have always dreaded more than the Grim Reaper’s eventual visit. . There are days in which I struggle to get out of bed, not out of loneliness, sadness or depression, and not even so much the question of — What’s the point?

But the real answer of —

--There isn’t any!

At work, I do more than my job– Still, I remain unable to save money. I give all I can to every and anyone who asks of me — Yet no one truly cares. At the end of the day, I am right at the spot where I started — Not sad or happy, just blah!

So I wonder —

--What’s the point?

One day, I will die, of course we all will, so faced with that reality, and if the best years are behind, why should anyone needlessly suffer, treading water, eventually going or getting nowhere, with the end result being a life of mundane misery?

I appreciate reading your responses ---

Thank you,


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