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‘Joker’ producer defends movie for holding ‘mirror to our society’

For all of those who ply our talents in the creative arts, we must read this article in the NY Post. It is important because there may come a time, when there are those who deem our creations, "troubling," will seek to stifle our creative freedoms.

As the EP Michael Uslan told the Asbury Park Press. “Look at what I consider some of the most important films: What have they done? They’ve held up a mirror to our society, and there are times when people don’t want to see that reflection, they want to run from it.”

Mr. Uslan is one-hundred percent correct. The artists' whose works reflect society's ills do not create the problems, the problems are what inspire our works. And to ignore those problems because of societal pressures to hide from them, is more disconcerting that the problems which inspire our creations. We must look both inside and outside for our works to matter.

Those who seek to stifle creativity based on fear, lack genuine depth of understanding concerning the inherent imperfections that shape and define the human condition. The fear based fanatics seek to lay blame upon others for the innate fallibilities and ingrained barbarity of the human race. It is those deep-seated, oft repeated, and willfully ignored atrocities which the artist seeks to unveil.

No matter how "well intentioned" the motivations of those who seek to suppress and repress may be -- they are still seeking to squash the freedom of the artist. And one day, from their safe spaces, hidden deep bunkers and sin stained un-pious pulpits, if you are a creator of art -- the self-righteous, self-perceived morally superior, fear driven zealots are going to seek to suppress and repress you.


I write of the damaged and broken, because that is the norm. For each person who overcomes their demons, there are hundreds, if not thousands, who do not.

It is their stories I tell.

“Who am I?”

I am an independent, self-published teller of tales, an author, as of yet, scarcely any renown.

However, as a storyteller, I know who I am, and with that persona, I am both confident and comfortable.

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