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Major Tulsi Gabbard – The Cost of War

I wish I had said the following…………….

“I know the importance of our national security, as well as the terribly high cost of war, and for too long our leaders have failed us, taking us from one regime change war to the next, leading us into a new cold war, an arms race costing us trillions of our hard earned taxpayer dollars and countless lives. This insanity must end.”

The above was said by Major Tulsi Gabbard, in the first Democratic Presidential Primary Debate.


In the WWI novella, “War Springs Eternal” I wrote…

“As we huddle in the depths of reinforced earth, the fresh-faced soldiers cry out. Those of us who have been here, we cry in. Time hardens our exterior, but that doesn’t change the truth; We are all afraid. Once the fear is accepted, it becomes part of us. The propaganda that drove us here no longer matters.

We are no longer driven to defeat the Germans. We are no longer driven to defeat evil. We are no longer driven to save the world. We are driven by fear of death and loyalty to one another.”


I served in the mid 80’s, Major Gabbard from the mid 2000’s. I was active duty Navy, She serves in the

National Guard. I am a non-combat veteran, the Major has seen combat.

Although our experiences differ, we, brothers and sisters in arms, understand what our service means, and we are sadly aware of how our devotion to country has been, is, and will continue to be, abused by elected officials with not an iota of experience or understanding of what it takes to be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for an ideal, for a country, and most importantly — for one another.

This is not an endorsement for the Major. I am a registered independent and as such, I have no voice in the primary election. Additionally, I currently don’t know enough about her to make that type of informed decision.

Despite any flaws she may possess, this is simply one veteran showing respect for another.

A veteran who would answer the call and serve with her in combat. A veteran who would lay down his life to protect her life, confident she would do the same.

A veteran who respects that she further demonstrates bravery by defending and standing up for those who serve, and who will die, because of policies determined and enacted by those who lack the same experience, bravery, camaraderie, and understanding.


Usually I put who I am, and a link to my websites and books and ask you to make a purchase.

Not for this posting.

Thank you for reading.

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