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WTFW - Emily Bett Rickards

New feature, WTF Wednesday.

As someone who aspires to be a professional writer, I enjoyed scripted television. Actually, I spend way too much time which I could be writing, catching up on my favorite shows. In addition to be a television addict, I am also an over sized man-child, and absolutely love programming based upon comic books.

I have been watching Arrow since it debuted as a gritty, bleak, almost film noir type of television show. I have stuck around since it fell victims to the CW's soap operafication, and became more about romance and relationship turmoil, than a brutal vigilante. Even with that, it remains good television.

I was a bit disheartened to learn that the next season will be the last. I am even more astonished to learn that the actress who place Felicity Smoak has decided to bail on the shortened final season.

This isn't like my post on Jim Parsons. Arrow is coming to an end with or with out Ms Rickards. I just can't imagine why, short of personal or familial issues, or a new upcoming job, anyone would walk away from roughly a half a million dollar pay day. No reason has been reported as to why she opted out of the final season, creating a certain mystery as to why she is leaving. In all actuality, it is none of my business, or anyone else's, but that doesn't change my interest as to why.

The actress and her character will be missed in the final season, and admittedly selfishly, it will take a bit of enjoyment away from this long time viewer.

This is pure and simple curiosity. And just makes me say, WTF?


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