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Memorial Day – Let Us Not Forget

“A few will die here. Many, will recover. The touched and untouched will carry scars;

some on the outside — all on the inside.”

On Memorial Day we remember and honor those who were asked to wage war, and did not return. Yet, let us also remember those who returned changed, part of them already no longer living.

“I am loaded into an ambulance. My rescuer assures me I will live.

He knows not to say I will be okay.”

Of all the important stories I have written, “War Springs Eternal” is the one of which I am most proud.

It was written for those who sacrificed so much, yet asked for so little.

“I am no longer the boy who came here, nor am I the man I was destined to be.”

War Springs Eternal is dedicated to my brothers and sisters in arms –

-To those who were asked to do the unthinkable. -To those who HAD to do the unimaginable. -To those who are broken and still fighting. -To those for whom the fighting became too much.

There are no links today.

I am not asking you to buy.

I am simply asking, that you take a moment

to remember my fallen brother and sisters.

Thank you


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