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Jim Parsons – Big Bang Theory Slayer

Twelve years ago, Jim Parsons became an overnight success. That night was many years long, but through perseverance, hardwork and dedication, he made it to the top of his chosen profession. As a creative person who did not have his courage — I applaud and admire him. I have been writing since I was a child, however, I never had the guts to try and make a career in the creative arts. It is a regret I have to this day, and one of the reasons I have been writing so much at this stage of my life. My respect for Mr. Parson’s, and others who not only took, but stayed on the difficult path least traveled, makes what I am about to write a bit difficult.

The Big Bang Theory has come to an end. It did not end because of failing ratings or a studio unwilling to put forth cash – no, it has ended because of one person’s decision. It has been widely reported that the primary cast members were not only willing, but wanted to go on, but Jim Parsons said enough. With that unilateral proclamation, the show ends, and many will soon be out of work.

Much has been made of the star’s high salaries and how the originals lopped one hundred thousand dollars an episode off of their paychecks so the later arrivals could become members of the ten million dollar a year club. And while an admirable action, it seems that Jim Parsons has forgotten about all of the other people. You know the ones behind the screens, those who don’t earn that one hundred thousand dollars in a single year, let alone in a week. Those individuals, who now solely because of his decision, will be out of work. I guess if you aren’t in front of the camera, your earnings and ability to feed and provide for your family are not concerns of Mr. Parsons.

The question needs to be asked – Do these high earners have an obligation to those who rely on them for their income?

I would say yes.

When I was ill, and couldn’t be at my business, I made every effort to keep my employees paid – even at a great cost to my personal financial well being. Some say I wasn’t too smart. But I knew that the success I had enjoyed up to that point was not solely the result of my effort. There were others who worked just as hard and gave just as much of themselves to make my business a success — I would not disrespect them. My decision did cost me greatly, but I sleep well at night because the loyalty that was so earnestly given to me was greatly appreciated and is to this day infinitely cherished.

It is said that we can’t place a monetary value on life. Well, Jim Parsons did — collectively one hundred and fifty people are not worth fifty million dollars.

While Jim Parsons waited in a dressing room, others were cleaning and preparing a set — they are out of work.

While Jim Parsons was eating and drinking, others were preparing and laying out those items — they are out of work.

Think about this, for others to continue to earn a fraction of his roughly 1.2 million dollars per week all Jim Parsons need do is —

  • appear on stage