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December 6, 2018

Creating A School Shooter


We can’t escape the headlines of mass murders occurring in our schools. The very place where children are sent to be educated. The very place where they should be safe and free from danger. 


Sadly, school shootings have become the new normal. These horrific crimes and events lead us to ask – 


Is a mass murderer born or created?
What makes a school shooter?
Is it availability of guns? 
Is it mental illness? 
Could it be something else?
Shouldn’t we look for a cause?


This novelette explores these questions.

War Springs Eternal


“I am no longer the boy who came here, nor am I the man I was destined to be.”


Does a returning war veteran ever escape the horrors to which they bore witness?


Shell shock was the terminology of WWI, today it is called PTSD. Whatever it is called, it has long lasting effects.


War Springs Eternal is dedicated to my brothers and sisters in arms

-To those who were asked to do the unthinkable.

-To those who HAD to do the unimaginable.

-To those who are broken and still fighting.

-To those for whom the fighting became too much. 



Is Suicide Painless


Suicide occurs every day. In one way or another, it has touched us all.

Sometimes, it is done suddenly and unexpectedly.

Sometimes, suddenly and expectedly.

Sometimes, it is done slowly, over time.


No matter the how or the why — it leaves those left behind with many more questions than answers.


It leaves those left behind with grief.

It leaves those left behind with remorse.

It leaves those left behind with unimaginable, unending and undeserved guilt.


This story is dedicated to those who could no longer survive, and to those who remain behind, and have no choice but to do so.

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