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Within Believe There Is A Lie

Perhaps one of the biggest cons in life is believing in the future.

We attend school, for the future.

We save money, for the future.

We go work hard, for the future.

So focused on preparing for the future, we forge chains that will not hold us in death, but hold us in life. We become prisoners, trapped in a cage of decisions based on believing a lie. We are unable to find the keys to freedom because we are looking past the spot in which they are located. We believe a lie - the best is yet to come.

Time and life are not linear. They exist only in the present. We remember the past, but we can not travel back to it. We look to the future, but we can not travel forward to it. We live and exist in the now. The now has no measure. Time is a man-made concept. A fraud which shackles us from enjoying the one true thing we have – a moment.

Many don’t live the moment. Many try to escape to the past because the present is perceived as dark and the future as an empty void. It leads us on a path to be both broken and damaged.


Because we are sold on the falsehood to believe. Believe is just a lie hidden among other letters.

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