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Dan Le Batard - Pop Culture Bully

I listened to my favorite radio show via podcast, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. Tuesdays' shows are both my least and most favorite. It is the day of the week which both Greg Cote and Ron Magill usually appear. This week there was no Zoo Miami's Ron Magill, only the beleaguered and bullied Greg Cote.

Cote is columnist with the Miami Herald, and one of Dan's oldest friends. I get that many of the characters on the show play the fool so as to make Dan appear to be the sharp, smart and sane one, but when it comes to Cote, he is not only acts the doddering old uncle, he is the verbally battered family elder. I know that if this is ever brought to the show's attention, Papi's heavily accented voice would scream across the speakers, "You don't get this show." However, the fact is, I get the show. I understand that the personalities are merely portrayals - it is shtick meant for entertainment. However, bullying should not be entertainment.

When I was writing Tortured and Tormented, I had to put myself into both the tormentor and tormented. I became familiar with the motivations of both. I find it disturbing that Le Batard, who is so outspoken in the defense of many, is so much the example of how not to treat people. More disturbing is that he is the one with the power. Not only is he playing a bully, he is playing a boss who abuses not only the staff, but the power which he posses.

Le Batard and Stugotz have done an incredible job aping the rambling radio format of Arthur Godfrey. The show is NOT a sports talk show, it is a RADIO show that happens to talk about sports and with the exception of the glorified and celebrated bullying, I enjoy it.

I am surprised that Dan, who is a champion of racial justice and defender against misogyny, so easily assumes the role of bully. Especially in this day and age, when the bullied are acting out and responding with such violence. It also makes one wonder if his championing of the oppressed is merely part of his shtick.

Greg Cote is an accomplished person. Talented, insightful and entertaining. There is no need for him to play the role of verbal victim to Dan Le Batard's bully.

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