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There was a time when female bodybuilders could not earn much, if any, money from the pursuit of their sport. They were ridiculed, even by those within the bodybuilding industry and were forced to extremes in an effort to support themselves. 

Female bodybuilders were manipulated by an industry to make money for everyone but themselves. 

They pushed, drugged and harmed their bodies to pursue their passion. Addiction became not only a way of life, but a way to live.

This story is dedicated to those who made it possible for those who have followed.

Follow Rita, an aspiring female bodybuilder, as she copes with not simply addiction, but her addictive, all or none, personality. 
Bodybuilding, steroids, opioids and sex – consumption isn’t simply enough, it is about more and more and more.
In Rita’s case, there was salvation. She found her savior.
She had to enter the darkness to see the light. 

This Embrace The Wild Fantasy, an e-novelette,contains adult content and themes. 

Addiction Salvation: An Embrace The Wild Fantasy

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