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Judge Not The Damaged

I find it amusing when I log onto social media and I am either bombarded with political posts, or “sound bites” about success and how those who do not succeed are somehow lesser, gutless people.

I think what really gets me most about these comments, comments which lack any depth, is I was one who at one time espoused these simplistic platitudes. I was successful in life. I had a business that was doing well and was on my way to launching another. I had dropped a bunch of weight and was giving interview after interview about weight loss and fitness and how one could apply that same methodology to their business and personal lives.

It only took one illness, one which nearly took my life, and the resultant decimation of my business, my finances and marriage for me to learn a valuable lesson.

For more than ten long years I have suffered through my existence. I haven’t truly lived in a very long time. Many times, I would have preferred death to the drudgery that has become my life. However, here I am.

Each day I wake.

Each day I work.

Each day I write.

As a person, these experiences have helped me to become different . I’m not sure if I am better, but I have much more empathy for those whom less has been given. For those whom the struggle damages. For those whom the struggle breaks.

I don’t know why it is surprising, but when I try to have a conversation with those who spew motivational bullshit lines, I am immediately shut down. On social media I am unfollowed, unfriended or sent taunting messages. Because I mention the stories I write, I am accused of self-promotion, and perhaps I am a bit guilty of that because I want people to be aware of the other side, and to open minds to more than just a closed opinion and judgemental damnation of others. Actually, I understand that type of arrogance, because it defined me at one point. It took years to realize that such arrogance was not borne of supreme confidence, but of supreme insecurity and an unwillingness to hear others. Sadly, if we don’t hear, we can not listen and we can never hope to understand.

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