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Inspiration Not Politics

I’m not sure who will be the new junior Senator from Pennsylvania, however, having treated thousands of patients over the years, many at their worst points in life, I respect and admire Lt. Governor John Fetterman for showing up and debating Dr. Oz.

Lt. Governor Fetterman may not be the next junior Senator from Pennsylvania, but he will be an inspiration for many who have suffered a stroke, and other life changing medical issues. He put himself on the national stage, under the microscope, picked apart by many who have no idea of what he is going through, and yet, he stood there, with a brain injury which mere decades ago more than likely would have left him permanently debilitated, and gave it his best. He has demonstrated, made people aware, and hopefully inspired, that a stroke –

– is NOT a death sentence – is NOT the end of the line – is NOT something of which to be ashamed

There may be a person sitting in a hospital bed right now, ready to give up, who saw John Fetterman take the hits and keep moving forward, and that person may now be ready to take that first step in his or her own long and daunting rehabilitation.

Take politics out of the equation and admire what was witnessed on the debate stage –

NOT politics NOT policy positions NOT democrat vs republican

What was witnessed was a fellow human being rebounding and recovering, fighting the good fight, not against a political opponent, but against an injury to the human brain.

Pennsylvania's Lt. Governor may not win the election, but he is winning the recovery from his stroke.


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