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Important Now; Perhaps More Than Ever

According to Hemingway, "The world breaks everyone."

It only takes a quick perusal of daily headlines to know, all those years ago, he was right.

Bullying, PTSD, Loneliness, Suicide - real life topics that impact us all, novellas of real life struggle.

These are "The Damaged and Broken Stories." Tales of neglect, of abuse, of despair, of profound tragedy.

For every one person who conquers their demons, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands who do not - it is their stories I tell.

I ask for you to read them and for a moment, in the safety of a fictionalized narrative, experience the travails of our fellow human beings.

Maybe, just maybe, when the end is reached, a deeper understanding of those doing battle with life's torture and torment, will be the end result.


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