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A Sinful Sunday Afternoon

Adult Content and Language Adult Content and Language Adult Content and Language I close my eyes for a moment, a vision that has been etched in my mind since that Sunday afternoon surfaces, the memory of you bending over the couch back. Your hips gliding back and forth as you fuss with something. I can’t help myself, I unfasten your jeans, and slip them over your exotic curves. I lift your shirt. My lips start at the middle of your back. Slowly, gently, I kiss. Steadily moving down, teeth pause to take an occasional bite. I reach the base of your spine, veering to one side, I work my way around one cheek, and back up the other of the most sensual and glorious body part God has ever crafted. I find myself back at the top of your ass. I work my way in between, parting the crease which separates. I extended my tongue as far as it will reach. Never losing contact, I slide until reaching the most forbidden of places. In smaller and smaller circles, I roll my tongue. You writhe. Your back arches. Further I venture. When down a bit more, I meet the scent-soaked area which is emitting the most enticing pheromone laced invitation. No longer able to control myself, I kneel behind you, with no guidance, my cock finds its way. Your perfect cunt, which I have always craved and hungered for, which to this day I still do, allows easy penetration. Time melts away. Each forceful thrust forward — met with a ferocious thrust back. Sighs become moans. Moans become groans Groans become screams. Words, unintelligible are shouted. A tremble from within lets me know you are ready. Together we reach our climax. Within I stay, savoring the moment when lust and love have become one.