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2022 Goals

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions for the same reason many aren’t – most people don’t stick to them, myself included. I do like to set goals. In 2020, the goal was to get back in shape, and last year it was to complete in the maximum allotted time frame of a triathlon, I managed three.

This year, my goals are to find a traditional publisher/literary agent. If I can apply the same tenacity I did to losing 200 pounds and completing triathlons, I may have a shot at it. However, the primary goal is to not only complete four or five (planning to do Malibu California Triathlon depending on COVID) triathlons of varying distances, but to finish in my age group’s TOP TEN.

Of the five, I had planned to enter the three I had done in 2021, however, “The Pocono Triathlon Festival” falls on the same weekend as “Escape The Cape.” I really wanted to do Pocono since that was the first I had ever done. Yet my friend, colleague and fellow triathlete, Dr. Scott Leslie was really excited for me to do “Escape The Cape,” and with spots filling up I entered.

For those of us who know Scott, we are aware that he has had a cancerous brain tumor removed and is now going through the rehabilitation process. Scott is an Ironman, and he will get through it, there is no doubt in our collective mind. Additionally, I am confident that Scott will be at the Cape to cheer me on.

Scott, I am dedicating my 2022 triathlon season to you. I am going to have your name embroidered on the wetsuit and Hawaiian Tropical Tank Top I wear in every race, so as each mile passes by, and I both praise and curse you for getting me involved in this insane athletic endeavor, I will carry you in my heart and mind – as well as upon my sweaty, stinking, stank-laden body. 😮🤯

Scott, I am grateful for the advice you have given me, for encouraging me along the way, and believing in me when I was sure triathlons were never even a smoldering spark in my very vivid, and at times disturbing, imagination 😀. We are all here for you my friend. We love you. I will see you in June – be sure to have a couple of home brews for us to celebrate.


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