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The Wild Is Calling You!

I kiss your neck, working my way down each shoulder

With your permission I move my hands down the perfection which proves God exists.

Slowly your pants fall down your legs

With great care, I lower you onto your back

Gently I rub your body

Again, I seek your approval

A nod encourages me onward

With no hurry, I savor the journey, working my hands down to the spot which will bring us both intense pleasure

My hands move, massaging the most incredible bit of heaven to which I have borne witness

Your flesh easily opens

Wetness allow a finger to slide inside

Your legs part a bit more, inviting me to lower my head

I give worship to my goddess

My mouth nears, I pause

Heart flutters

Breathing quickens

A solitary finger glides in and out

The anticipation is too great

I encircle your clit with my lips

I suck, only with enough force to pull it slightly into my mouth

I remove my finger and replace it with my tongue.

Inside I sample

My hands move to your thighs

I push them back, opening you more

My pace quickens

Our breathing becomes rapid

Moans escape us

A tremble moves through your body

Shaking continues

I stand

I pull you to the edge

As you are coming I enter you

The quakes vibrate me

Before you complete your orgasm

Mine begins

A noise at your office door

Under the desk you push me

Out of sight I kneel

You take your seat just as your boss opens the door

I look up

The leather of your seat dampens with moisture

I reach and touch

My hands massage your thighs

Small nibbles I take from your knees

Your boss is now sitting on the other side

He is discussing an appointment with you

You hold the shutter as my finger slips past slight resistance

As his voice drones, your body shifts

Your hand lowers

I expect you to push me away, you pull me in


You clear your throat to stifle a moan

He is done talking

He turns to walk away

Your head falls back in the chair

He turns back to you

Quickly, you regain composure

He doesn't suspect, he asks if you would like him to close the door

You nod your head yes

As he leaves, the door silently shuts

A stifled scream escapes your throat

"Lick me" you whisper

With no hesitation I comply

I take the divine pleasure that is you into my mouth

You lean back in your chair

Hand running through your hair

Your receptionist looks through the glass

She sees

You don't care

Your face flushes red

She feels a tingle

In and out, rapidly breath flows from you

Her eyes don't leave your face

Shakes consume you

She can't stop watching

Your body calms

You go to your door

The click signals the lock

A pull of a string and the audience is now blind

You pull me from my position

With no gentleness you push me to the floor

My pants torn off without undoing belt or button

My cock, erect, waiting for you to do with it what you please

No hesitation

No indecision

Your pussy slides upon me

Completely enveloped within you

Your body pauses


Ever so slightly you rock

With the rocking motion you move up and down

Your pussy writhes around my cock

Your speed accelerates

The motion is now purely up and down

Muscles tighten

My orgasm is reached

You don't stop

As I come, your intensity grows


You don't stop

I remain hard

Within minutes as I am again coming

You lean forward

Against me you push

Quakes run through you

Your climax joins mine

You stand up

I release from your insides

Next to me you lay

The aroma intense

I am drawn to where our passion brought fruit

I lick gently our love

The moment is intense

Tears run down my face

You pull me to you

A kiss we share

In one another arms, to sleep we drift

Together, we have Embraced The Wild

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