Author Persona(s)

I’m not sure if I am the only writer who suffers from a bit of "multiple personality disorder." The stories I write, including blogposts, are one part of my, if not at times a completely separate, personality. Yes, I share deep, real and raw emotions. Emotions that I am feeling at the time I am in front of the keyboard — but they are not the complete me, often times they are not the person most people see and know — unless we are very close. Every story I tell, every blogpost I compose, every sentence I write, are told by either another side of my personality, or another personality.

When I write, from the moment I place my fingers along the home row, until I am done with that session, the Joe people know on a daily basis, is not the predominant person weaving that tale.

In Tortured and Tormented, I was the bullied child. In War Springs Eternal, I was the WWI soldier. In The Comfort of Despair, I was the person floating in the ocean.

Additionally, I was every other character who appeared in the story. I write from the point of view of the character I am conjuring.

That goes for all of my stories, even the ones under my pen name. Each time I write, I am taken over by whomever, or whatever part of me, needs to tell a story or play a part in that story. What I am writing about at that moment, no matter how lovely, passionate, happy, sad, or yes at time disturbing, are the words of the persona in charge at that particular time. And everything I write, other than an intentional story, whether long form posts or a few sentence fragments, gets filed away on my cloud storage device under a folder labeled “may use some day.”

Yes, it is me writing about my concerns, my frustrations, my angers, my loves, my hates, my sadness and my joys. Yet, in many ways, it is not.

Does that make sense?