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Let’s Have Each Other’s Backs

Feeling down or frustrated about temporary sacrifices created by the current pandemic?

Here’s, hopefully, a little perspective…

John McCain, a person who served in Vietnam when his country called, was a Prisoner of War for 5 1/2 years. When offered early release, he said he would only take it if those captured before him were also released. That didn’t sit well with his captors. So, during that time, he was subjected to inadequate medical care, little food to eat, solitary confinement and repeated torture. He had no idea if he would die, be killed or ever released. His was one story of many, and not everyone survived. Those that did were forever changed, on the outside and on the inside. Contrary to the opinion of some, they were, and those who survive today are, heroes. Their sacrifice was for our safety and security.

Today we are being asked to make sacrifices — to isolate in our homes whenever possible, keep our distance, forgo large gatherings, wear masks in public and wash our hands frequently. To help with the burden, government has returned 1,200 dollars plus to the citizens, made unemployment compensation available for those who would not qualify under standard circumstances, and increased the amount of money to be collected for unemployment compensation.

Has this gone smoothly?

No, but people are being helped.

Why are we being asked to make these sacrifices?

To try and ease the burden on hospitals, protect doctors, nurses and first responders, and for the safety and security of our fellow citizens. The same citizens which John McCain and other POWs suffered and paid such a steep price.

Yet, for some reason, there are those complaining that this is too difficult.

Are the situations and attempted solutions perfect?

Of course not, and we can not deny, it is difficult, but that does not negate the necessity or importance, and sometimes a little perspective may, if not ease, help us understand the burden we now must carry.

Please be safe and stay healthy. Try to understand, it isn’t about solely protecting your health, it is also about the person undergoing heart surgery, the cancer patient receiving chemotherapy, the child admitted to a hospital for care, an elderly person in a nursing home, a person with a compromised immune system, and yes even the young and healthy because this virus can also impact and strike down a relatively healthy person.

We are not only watching out for ourselves, we are watching out for each other. We are being asked have each other’s backs — why would we respond any other way than by saying yes?

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