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WTFW - Jeopardy Spoiler

Today's WTF Wednesday will be short and sweet. WTF is people's problem when it comes to nullifying the anticipation an event?

I had been following James Holzhauer's run on Jeopardy the last few weeks. The guy has been impressive. He wasn't simply winning, he was, with one exception that I recall, running away with his victories.

Now I get this isn't war, or poverty, or feeding the homeless, but it was a nice bit of escapism, similar to watching sporting events. The outcome isn’t supposed to be known.

So, yesterday I turn on my local talk radio station and the host gleefully screeches something along the lines that we have a spoiler warning about tonight's Jeopardy.


What spoiler would it be, other than he lost? At the rate he was going, it wouldn’t be much of a spoiler that he again won.

Honestly, maybe you aren't finding something interesting, and that's fine, but what drives someone to "spoil" it for others. This program is called The Morning News. Was a game show contestant losing a breaking story that just had to be told before it aired? WTF?


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