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Is The Wild Calling You?

I kiss your neck, working my way down each shoulder

With your permission I move my hands down the perfection which proves God exists.

Slowly your pants fall down your legs

With great care, I lower you onto your back

Gently I rub your body

Again, I seek your approval

A nod encourages me onward

With no hurry, I savor the journey, working my hands down to the spot which will bring us both intense pleasure

My hands move, massaging the most incredible bit of heaven to which I have borne witness

Your flesh easily opens

Wetness allow a finger to slide inside

Your legs part a bit more, inviting me to lower my head

I give worship to my goddess

My mouth nears, I pause

Heart flutters

Breathing quickens

A solitary finger glides in and out

The anticipation is too great

I encircle your clit with my lips

I suck, only with enough force to pull it slightly into my mouth

I remove my finger and replace it with my tongue.

Inside I sample

My hands move to your thighs

I push them back, opening you more

My pace quickens

Our breathing becomes rapid

Moans escape us

A tremble moves through your body

Shaking continues

I stand

I pull you to the edge

As you are coming I enter you

The quakes vibrate me

Before you complete your orgasm

Mine begins

A noise at your office door

Under the desk you push me

Out of sight I kneel

You take your seat just as your boss opens the door

I look up

The leather of your seat dampens with moisture

I reach and touch

My hands massage your thighs

Small nibbles I take from your knees