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Does Disrespect Cause The Damaged

At one time, the gym was my, for lack of better words, "temple or church" I worked out in crowded solitude, able to feed off the energy around me, and yet remain spiritually alone in my efforts.

I respected others in their endeavors and others respected me in mine. Pleasantries were exchanged upon entering or leaving or sometimes in between exercises, but once engaged in activity --- courtesy did not allow disruption. Yet lately, respect, civility and courtesy seem to be words that have little meaning.

I am not sure what has changed, but the last few times I have tried to restart an exercise regime, my

concentration and serenity has been directly entreated upon by the impoliteness of others. So much so, that I am unsure if I can bring myself to return.

Like the other day, in the business which I patronized since childhood, it seems the simple lesson of youth, "Do unto others....." no longer exists. Even a good friend of mine, who at one time defined the word gentleman, has all but relegated the golden rule, in regard to discourse, to the depths of an outhouse.

I am aware that the only constant, for better or worse, is change. Perhaps I am anachronistic, doomed by a loyalty to outdated concepts such as courtesy, civility, and respect. Perhaps my observations of disrespect are what allow me to write of the damaged and broken.

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