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The Need To Write

Since I have yet discovered the path to earning a living by writing, I have another career, one that takes a great deal of time, attention and devotion. Yet, that does not change the fact that I need to write.

There are some days, actually most days, that if I don’t sit and write, even if it is simply a single paragraph, my day is incomplete. So strong is that yearning, that if I don’t write, I can not rest.

My stomach will hurt.

My head will pound with increasing intensity.

My heart will ache as if I have lost a loved one.

I am not at peace, until words flow as lava from a volcano. They erupt from my heart and brain, through my hands, onto paper or computer screen.

I am compelled to tell stories. It is my hope that you enjoy reading them. Yet, even if no one other than I experiences my work, I will continue to write.

For when it comes to that burning passion which is to write – I have no choice, I have no free will.

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