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September 20, 2020

With another birthday coming up, I can once again reflect over another failed year that has passed me by.

Another year I can't get back.

Another year of living in a trap.

Another year of no love, no success, no hope.

I had the perfect way to cope, but even that was taken f...

August 18, 2020

This was written a while ago, pre-pandemic; my perspective has changed some, yet I still write of the damaged and broken and now I wonder how much worse some people are.


Until a few year...

August 16, 2020

  I didn't realize the video was cut short.

The last line is... "...if you are struggling, please don't be afraid to seek help."

Love and understanding to and for us all.


August 11, 2020

The last scene of "War Springs Eternal," was a dream and in the dream, the main character was Ernest Hemingway.{I had been reading a biography.} The dream was so vivid, that when I woke, I grabbed my cellphone, opened my memo app, hit the microphone icon and immediatel...

August 10, 2020

Tortured & Tormented: Creating A School Shooter

We can’t escape the headlines of mass murders occurring in our schools. The very place where children are sent to be educated. The very place where they should be safe and free from danger. 

Sadly, school shootings hav...

August 10, 2020

I am a self-published storyteller, not under contract by a major publishing house and have sold a very limited amount of books. In the literary world I am insignificant. That is the truth, but that truth doesn’t change the reality that I am a storyteller.

Storytelling i...

August 1, 2020

According to Jenna Blum in The Author at Work, “Hemingway said that only the tip of the iceberg showed in fiction—your reader will see only what is above the water—but the knowledge that you have about your character that never makes it into the story acts as the bulk...

July 31, 2020

I wrote this a few months ago, back when I was still able to craft a tale.  It is adult themed and has some adult language. I hope you enjoy…

The jetliner hits the tarmac. The flaps change position and metal screams as the plane begins to slow. As usual, people are out...

July 30, 2020

I am not ashamed to admit, this Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic has me quite frightened. I don’t sleep without some type of assistance. If not for the women with whom I work, I’m not sure I would get through my days. Even with them, there are moments that panic strikes...

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